Holiness and Respect

Over the millennia, Ukraine’s boundaries, history, and identity have been shaped by historical famines, countless military wars, cultural influences, and civilizational clashes. Each contributed to a unique formation – the Idea of Ukraine. It began to form when Grand Duke Volodymyr of Kyiv accepted the baptism of Constantinople and, with it, the entire religious culture of the Eastern rites.

One of the most prominent expressions of Orthodox sacred art is iconography, depicting saints, rulers, and heroes surrounded by the luminous spirit of holiness. Unchanged over hundreds of years, iconic art can now be understood as a reference to belonging to a specific cultural-religious tradition, as a universal way to visually surround the heroes of one’s nation with an aura of holiness and respect.

Following this tradition, the means of expression used in UNBREAKABLE UKRA√ŹNA cards come from the tradition of iconic art. They should not be seen as blasphemy but as an organic synthesis of popular and traditional art. It is worth noting that many Eastern Orthodox countries, including Ukraine, have a strong tradition of integrating religious imagery and symbolism within political contexts.

It is then not unusual that Zelensky’s heroism is compared to that of saints as a way to include a sense of divine purpose or moral authority in his leadership. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine and the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, who was given the responsibility and honor of representing his nation in the wake of an existential war, has already passed the tests of strength, might, and intelligence. A lawyer and actor whose political career potential was underestimated by his opponents has become a political force, leader, and even a celebrity icon of the free world, followed and admired by much of mankind. This is a result of the extraordinary courage and will the president showed during the Russian invasion and of the sincere and heartfelt embrace of the Heart of Ukraine.

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