GODDESS EARTH GAVE BIRTH TO HERSELF IN UKRAINE. A deck of cards tells incredible stories

God is a Woman. Goddess. She is the Creator and Demiurge. Man – Sky, Woman – Earth. Together they created everything under the sun. The boundless and unforgiving Sky is up there, and the Earth is here, warm and open, beneath our feet. She gave birth to everything that lives, that has a body and a soul. This was believed by the people who spread in several waves from the current territory of Ukraine and are called by scientists Proto-Indo-Europeans. They reached the Atlantic in the west and the Indian Ocean in the south. They spread their language and religion, traveling fast in carriages pulled by domesticated horses. They carried everywhere the hierarchical structure of society and their bronze battle axes. On top of that, they drank cow’s milk. Were they Ukrainian? Of course not. It’s just that God gave birth to himself in Ukraine.
In the beginning, was the Word or just a sound. Well, later came the signs for words and letters. In the UNBREAKABLE UKRA√ŹNA cards deck, I use French-suited playing cards marks, known worldwide as universal symbols, which I emblazoned with a pixelized Ukrainian folkloric embroidery pattern, which has already become a universal symbol of Ukraine. The logo uses a Latinized Cyrillic font as an allusion to the Byzantine tradition of Kyiv.

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